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Arnold Insurance is the leading flood zone determination company in the Midwest. We have been keeping lenders in compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program since 1987. While we can provide flood zone determinations nationwide, we feel it is a distinct advantage to our customers to use a vendor that is familiar with the area. Every day, highly trained professional researchers use the latest technology to map every determination. We realize that our customer’s satisfaction is our future, which is why we would never compromise accuracy for the sake of a few hours.

Unlike other flood certification vendors, we are not a division of a large conglomerate and do not market a multitude of products and services. There are no exclusive contracts, or minimum order requirements. We are only interested in combining accuracy and customer service to provide our customers with quality. That is why we are satisfied with only 100% accuracy and go to great lengths to guarantee our Flood Zone Determination. In a recent study, it was found that a large Nationwide Flood Zone Determination company had an error ratio of 14%. Is that acceptable to your bottom line?

Arnold Insurance offers flood compliance solutions on an individualized basis. We have life of loan services with a response time of less than 24 hours in most cases. With our convenient automated ordering system, competitive pricing, census tracting, LOMA processing, and property site inspections, we can supply the solution to your risk management problems.

In this day and age of instant communications and fast-paced business, you need a vendor who knows their business as well as you know yours. That’s why it is important to know that Arnold Insurance is able to provide local, personalized service with a full complement of expertise and capabilities that you can rely on.

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