Quality Control

At Arnold Insurance, we are satisfied only with 100% accuracy.  It is for this reason that we go to such great lengths to train our research staff.

All new employees are subjected to a rigorous map training program whereby a senior mapping technician is responsible for verifying 100% of the map technician’s work in the first month, 80% in the second month, and so on until in the sixth month when the map technician becomes responsible for all of their determinations. 

As added insurance that our determinations are accurate, we randomly select 10% of our weekly flood certifications to be re-examined by senior mapping technicians and members of our management staff from start to finish verifying the quality of the determinations.

Finally, whenever the initial mapping technician finds a structure or mobile home to be in or close to a Special Flood Hazard Area, the property is automatically researched a second time by a different mapping technician to insure the accuracy of the initial determination.

We are able to take these extra precautions in our research because each property is handled individually using a number of different data elements.  Our source materials include tax map databases, GIS, street level map data, legal descriptions, site surveys, and if necessary, on-site inspections.

We combine these materials to locate the structure or mobile home on the property.  The data is then merged with the current FEMA flood map through our process to provide a guaranteed flood certification.

Disaster Recovery - Lenders can rest assured that all Life-of-Loan information is protected in our system.  Arnold Insurance has developed a Disaster Plan to protect data contained in our company database. Our Disaster Plan requires us to back-up all data daily and store the data off-site, secured storage unit.  This insures that our valuable Life-of-Loan information and servicing data is protected in the best possible way.

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